By | 27/07/2017

There are many pre workout supplements available in the market. All these supplements are based on the fitness needs of the user. People have different workout needs, and this means that different supplements are required. If you have never used pre workout supplement, then you might not understand the pre workout supplements that are available to you. The type of supplements that you choose will depend on your needs. Fitness Informant’s 2017 rankings will give you an insight on the different supplements. You need to remember that men and women have different workout needs. Other factors like the type of exercise and sports will also determine the type of supplement.

How to determine the right type of supplement

Your gender

When choosing a supplement, you need to choose one that will be right for your needs based on your gender. There are pre workout supplements for men and also for women. The difference in these supplements is because women and men have different fitness goals. For instance, women tend to accumulate a lot of fat in the body, and they need a supplement that will help them in burning fat in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, men need to grow muscles quickly, and they need a supplement for muscle growth.


Your workout type

There are many types of workout procedures, and you need to choose a supplement that will help you with your workout procedure. For instance, if your ideal type of workout is doing the morning run or working on the treadmill, then you need a pre workout supplement that is meant for cardio exercises. People who are into body building need a pre workout supplement that is ideal for muscle growth and enlargement.

What you want to achieve

When you wake up to go to the gym every morning, you have a goal that you want to achieve. The type of goal that you want to achieve will determine the type of supplement that you buy. If you want to lose weight, then consider a supplement that will help you with weight loss. On the other hand, if you want to grow muscles, then choose a supplement specifically for muscle growth.


The ingredients

The ingredients of the supplement are very important when buying a pre workout supplement. If you are a vegan, then you need to avoid supplements made from animal protein. You also need to check if you have allergies and food intolerance. For people who have the nuts allergy or gluten intolerance, they need to check for these ingredients.