By | 15/07/2017

Cameras are flashing; the crowd is going wild, this is the moment that you have been waiting for. This is the moment that you want to show off all you have been working for in the gym. It takes a lot of courage to come this far, get on that stage and compete.

By now there is a huge sense of accomplishment in you, but never forget that your intended target is to win. Before you take the final step, let us look at the very most important tips, which can help you win this physic competition.

Tips on winning a physic competition

Make sure to pick the right show and class


If you are new to physic competitions, it is advisable that you start by picking a local show. This means that the show should not be national or a pro competition. This is aimed at preventing you from getting on stage with people who have a lot of competition experience from previous shows. One of the advantages of engaging in a local show is that it will have a small crowd and the athletes will be limited in number. This will give you a boost in confidence.

Don’t compromise your training

There is no next work out session; it is now or never. Get it into your mind that each session is meant to take you closer to your goal of winning a physic competition. Do not skip sets, do not relax or never should you allow yourself to be distracted. This may affect you on stage. Make sure you maintain a proper diet since if you don’t, you will surely not be prepared for the competition. For best guidance, it is best to join a physic competition training program like the one offered by gymjunkies.

Monitor your progress

It is important that you set goals that are realistic for your first competition. Ones you make out on how many weeks you will take to accomplish your training, make sure to track your measurement and progress consistently. Do not wait until it is 30 days to the competition day and realize that you haven’t gotten yourself ready. Follow the progressive preparation program and lastly don’t forget to take photos of yourself as this is the best way to determine if you are making progress.

Focus on yourself, not the competition

You will meet and compete with others, but this should be last among your worries. You have been holding it up alone in your training so let them not worry you. Instead, focus on getting yourself ready for the stage, all you should know is that the judges choose the winner by who presented the best package on that particular day.

Be comfortable on stage

lkasjdbvlksalkdvnlksadnvlnaksldvsavasdAlways remember that the best body does not win, so many things happen when you are in front of the judge. Your poses and presentation will draw the judges attention to your body physic. Take the opportunity and show them why they should select you as the winner. Ensure you are comfortable on how you strike your pose. Make it as comfortable as possible as you have fun too.